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CEO Edith Rodgers

In paid online advertising, there are three types of ads that have shown to be very effective, and that’s Site Targeting, Contextual Targeting, and Retargeting. With years of experience, Visual Infinity gained expert status for these types of advertising mediums.

Site Targeting

Site Targeting is all about picking the sites in which you’re ads will be shown. In Visual Infinity, we carefully curate and handpick the websites that compliment your business very well. Since your ads are displayed to a “highly qualified audience”, you’ll see better returns for your money while at the same time increasing brand affinity and awareness.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting is all based on being “keyword-driven.” It also pertains to showing your ads on websites that have your “keywords” as a way of matching your ads to the contents of a page or website. The real strength of this type of advertising is that it increases the chance of your ads getting clicked.


Retargeting is also known as remarketing. The main idea is to show your ads to users that have already visited your website before. This form of advertising is really good at increasing your conversion rate. In most cases, you can see a jump of 50% – 100% on your conversion rates if retargeting is used properly.

Offline And Traditional Marketing

There are still billions of money being poured into “old” marketing mediums like billboards, radio, television, directories, newspapers, and magazines. While these advertising mediums can still work, but they are generally inefficient compared to digital marketing. Furthermore, more and more people are switching to online media. These days, people go to YouTube rather than watch TV. Instead of listening to the radio, people listen to podcasts and on-demand streaming music platforms. People check out websites and other social media websites rather than magazines and newspapers.

Digital advertising is truly the “new frontier” of the marketing world. The good news is that this new world is friendlier to small businesses with its feature of better targeting and more control, which leads to better ROI.

Many smart business owners even went further by automating their digital marketing. Significantly lower cost and improved ROI are the usual results. By automating digital marketing, a business owner can help in overcoming one of the most common flaws of humans, and that’s lack of consistency and persistence. With automation, the system does the digital marketing work your round the clock and seven days a week.

If you are in a B2C or B2B business, you’ll be pleased to know that we expertly employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO), and User Experience optimization techniques. Furthermore, we can help make your website be more “responsive”, allowing it to automatically optimize it’s viewing whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Best In Web Design Services For A Good Reason

Marketing Expertise – we can help you build a website that’s not only intuitive and pleasing to the eyes, but also one that can cater to the demands of search engines. We can also strategically employ marketing techniques to web design and architecture to increase the bottom line.

Collaborative Process – we are all about working with our client. No matter how big or small the size of the project, we can consistently deliver great results. We attribute our success in our ability to effectively uncover what the client wants and needs.

Experience – we are a company that is backed by solid and real-life experience. We are all about learning from our past mistakes so you’ll have great results on the first try.