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While planning your content strategy you have to give equal importance to the search engines as well as the users as both are connected to each other. You may have perfect search engine optimized content and have a presence right on page 1 that too at the top but if that content is not of any value to the readers you cannot succeed. On the other hand, you may have superb content written that can prove to be of much help to the readers but if it does not find a place on Google your target readers will not even get to know about it.

So, having a good content strategy is important and there are certain things that you must give importance to when planning your content strategy, including :

Understand Your Audience

It is important for you to know about your audience. Check your demographic and analytic data to learn about those who visit your website and try to understand their interests.

Have a Good Content Strategy

The best on-page SEO practices will help your content enjoy better ranking and search engines will easily crawl index. So, do give this enough importance.

Promotions Are Important

It is really important to promote your content via all channels that you can. Use email and social media platforms to share your content. If you are ready to spend some money then you can consider investing in paid ads on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Use Title Tags Carefully

You should be careful while creating title tags as that helps Google figure out what your page is about and it shows in the SERPs as well.

Follow these points to create the best title tags

  • Keep the keyword as close you can to the beginning of your title tag.
  • Try to keep your title tag not more than 60 characters.
  • Check your title tag fast with the help of Mozs Title Tag Preview tool.

Use Meta Description Wisely

A Meta description helps Google understand what your page is about. You need to optimize your Meta description for it to show up as it might not always automatically appear as the snippet on the Search Engine Results Page.

While writing your Meta description you need to keep some points in mind

  • To attract clicks add a Call to Action at the end of your Meta description.
  • Your Meta description should not ideally be more than 158 characters, and snippets should be within the range of 680 pixels on mobile phones and within 920 pixels on computer/desktop.
  • Keep your keyword as close to the starting of your Meta description as you can.

The Ideal Content-Length

What should be the ideal length of your content? This surely is one of the questions running in your mind. Well, it completely is dependent on the target keyword you are using. You need to check out what is the word count of something that is presently ranking for any keyword phrase. Using this you have to decide what should be the word count of your own content that is also targeting that keyword.

The Right Use of Headers

Some points that you need to consider while optimizing your header tags are

  • Header tags need to positioned rank wise always. For instance, a subhead needs to be set-up as H2, a sub-headed will be an H3, and so on. You should never reverse this order and neither should you jump from H1 to H3.
  • Headers need no styling. Never underline or bold a header. If you have found out the right position to use your header, use it to better your scopes of finding an Answer Box.
  • Remember, there can be just one H1 on a page.

Make sure to always follow these tips when you need to have a content strategy next and you will certainly be happy with the outcome and the growth that you will enjoy.

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